Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wobbuffet Coloring Technique

     I put together a Pokemon scrapbook page for my grandson's 5th birthday party pictures. I asked him (Lucas) which Pokemon is his favorite. He told me "Wobbuffet". I know tons of Pokemon, but I had never heard of this one.
     I did some research (googled it), found a pic, and free-handed some on Copic paper. Next I helped Lucas chose crayons to color his Pokemon. This one is light blue, blue, and dark blue - monochromatic!  I chose 2 blues. When Lucas started coloring, he was confused by the fact that there were 2 blues. I told him we were going to be doing some shading. At this point I left him to his coloring.
     I started working on my picture using my Copics. Suddenly, Lucas shouts, "Look Grammy, I'm shading!!" This is what I saw . . . 

     I thought this was ingenious. A five-year-old had figured out a new blending technique. Place the light color in the left hand and the darker color in the right. Why didn't I think of that!!!

     Here there are the crayons he used: Periwinkle, Cerulean, Red Brick, Copper, Gray.

     Here are the Copics Grammy used.

     Apparently this Pokemon has a tail with a mind of its own. We added mini wriggly eyes. Check out my next blog if you care to see these Wobbuffets on the scrapbook page.

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  1. Fun! You know, kids are the best artists out of all of us! What a fun time you must have had!!