Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Raggedy Ann Valentine Project

     This was Valentine making session #2. My granddaughter, Elena, is 3 and attends Pre-School. She needed 8 Valentines for her class. She loves dolls especially the dress up part. I thought she would like assembling a doll for her Valentines. 

      I used a Raggedy Ann Silhouette file. This one is called "Annie Doll Cute as a Button" by Stinkin' Cute. I'm not sure where my head was when I chose this design, as I didn't think about ALL of the pieces there were in the making of this card. I spent 8 hours cutting and gluing in preparation for Elena to assemble these cards. 
     Since Elena is just 3, I decided to place the letters/sentiment on the card before she worked on it. I made the doll into stickers for her to place on to the shaped card base.The big hair behind her head was too big to run thru my sticker maker, so I also glued those on ahead of time. 

Sticker sheets

    The doll was divided into 5 stickers:

  1. the legs and shoes
  2. the dress, arms, and pantaloons
  3. the face and front hair
  4. the bow
  5. the heart-shaped button
Elena at Work
     I demonstrated how to put one doll together - that was all she needed. She put all of the cards together by herself!!! You can see there was a little difficulty matching the legs to the pantaloons, but that certainly doesn't distract from the finished product. 

A little somthin' somthin' on the back


  1. Such a sweetie and smart too to catch on so fast to your directions. She sure made a sweet Raggedy Ann card.

  2. What a cute idea. So creative!