Thursday, June 20, 2019

Life in Flip Flops

     Here is a card made entirely from scraps. My daughter had an end-of-school gift that she wanted to put together for her class. She asked me to help out by making some boxes and envelopes to put prizes in. 
     The envelopes needed to be made from patterned paper rather than card stock. I ended up shopping at Hobby Lobby for the paper. When I got done die cutting the envelopes and boxes, I had so many pieces of ~4 x 12" paper. It just seemed like such a waste. I ended up making 13 of these cards. I gave them to my grandchildren to give to their teachers with a pair of sandals to wear this summer. 

Sketch # 148 by Lisa Hidy

     Here is the inside of the card. I love this sentiment!!!

     Have you seen my LapDog? I have had it for several years. It is perfect for assembling projects that I need multiples of. Here you can see it loaded up with the pieces to make the 13 cards.

     Here you can see all of the cards completed and no pieces left.

13 completed teacher cards.
Here is a picture of 24 of each of the envelopes and boxes. There are 3 different pieces for each student. 


  1. Wow! You worked so hard on these, they are SUPER adorable both the cards and the boxes and I know the recipients will treasure them! Love the beautiful colors, the adorable owl and the super cute sentiment on your card!!

  2. Wow! Those are so cute and fun! I love the wonderful colors. And, you have a lovely bunch of them as well. I am sure they will be so appreciated.

  3. Wowzers, what an amazing job you've done! You are a fantastic grandma, xoxo