Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Trading Game

          I signed up for a fun class at the Scrappn' Savvy called "The Trading Game". Using Simple Stories' Happy Haunting paper collection, we were supposed to bring 3 scrapbook titles and 9 scrapbook page elements. We rolled dice to make trades and pull 12 x 12 pieces of card stock out of the "kitty". Here are the titles and elements that I took to the game to made trades with. After the game we all stayed to make layouts with the pieces we each had stacked up. I decided to pair up my swaps with the layout they ended up on. Please note that I made all of the swaps in the pictures, but only one of the layouts was created by me. You will even notice on the layouts that there are titles and elements that I didn't make. The layouts are mix and matches of things participants brought.

     At the end of the game, this web was the only item I had left that was one that I had originally brought. It went around the table a couple of times, but ended up on my pile of stuff.

     These border clusters seemed to be the hit of the trading game. They were stolen over and over again. They ended up not being placed on a layout after class.

     These four layouts don't contain any of the elements that I brought to the trade.

     These 8 layouts are the only ones that I know about. There are many more scrapbook elements still out there that may contain things from this game. I will probably never know.

     I do want to note that these 8 layouts are excellent examples of the projects completed by amazingly talented people that come to shop, create, and play at Scrappn' Savvy.

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  1. Absolutely awesome layouts and fantastic Fall and Halloween topic too