Wednesday, January 16, 2019

TN: Getting Organized

     My husband retired on December 20th. We have been looking at RV's since October 29. Well . . . we took the plunge last Saturday. We purchased a Thor Chateau 31Y. We brought it home yesterday. We spent the afternoon peeling off the stickers. Looks like today we will be lining the drawers and cabinets with shelf paper.

     6 years ago my husband announced his retirement goal: to see the CUBS play in all 30 stadiums. This has become "our" goal. Being the CUB fan that I am, I am totally on-board. I have added my own goal: to document our journey. 

     Now that we have purchased our RV, I have been trying to think of a simple way to document our travels. I want it to be something that I will not throw to the sidelines, because it is complicated and time-consuming. 

     Flash-back 3+ years: I started a notebook using Staples ARC system. I love this notebook, because the pages can be removed and moved to a new location. Pages can be deleted or added anywhere in the notebook. I have been using this notebook exclusively up to this point, to keep records of my cards, layouts, etc. designs, ideas for future projects, and contact information of my students. Each year I remove the records, archive them, and start anew. 

     I have decided to use this same notebook for my Traveler's Notebook. I started by making a trip to Staples. I purchased: larger discs (to accommodate more pages), calendar pages (to get rid of the desk calendar I had been using), dot grid pages (to write and doodle on each travel day), and a new leather cover ( the plastic one is totally worn out).

     Now my Design Notebook has become 4 Notebooks:
  1. Calendar - Planner
  2. Design Notebook
  3. Traveler's Notebook
  4. Ballpark Record Notebook
     Today I added a cover for Notebook #3 - my Traveler's Notebook. 

We named her "Addie", short for Addison. Wrigley Field sits on the corner of Addison and Clark.

     I brainstormed some prompts for daily travel.

     I plan to design a 2-page motivational insert each month. I posted my first one here

     We are planning to take a couple of short trips in order to get the logistics of travel in an RV. Our first trip may be to Fort Worth to see my daughter, just to give it a try. We plan to make some 3-5 day trips to Round Rock to see the Iowa CUBS play the Round Rock Express. We also plan to go to New Jersey to see my sister - this may or may not include a stop in Philadelphia to see CUBS vs. Phillies. WE NEED TO START CHECKING OFF THOSE STADIUMS! 

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